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SPANDAN ECOVILLAGE, Panchgani - a C.S.R. Initiative of Chowghule Industries Pvt. Ltd. 

Site area : 8 acres | Built-up : 25,000 sq.ft. | 5 lakh litres water pond made on site + 3 wells | 4 acres of farming 

We have been very lucky with getting sites away from the city and this one is right opposite the Mapro Gardens, Panchgani. One of the most picturesque hill stations. Chowghule Industries Pvt. Ltd. initiated this development as a part of their C.S.R. Initiative. The site was located amidst a forest area and only 4 mini-trucks were allowed per year in the forests. Thus the natural choice was to make your own building material which in this case was COMPRESSED STABILISED EARTH BLOCKS. 

We thank Ar. Ravi Kadam of Integrid, Pune for bringing in us on the project as SPECIALIZED EARTH CONSULTANTS.We used the existing soil and converted them into our eco-friendly building material. The client were very supportive of the technology and helped us a lot in the knowledge upgradation and our efforts together made this dream a reality. Even today, we share a very happy relationship with the client - Mr. Ewart Lazarus. 

The project created outdoor facilities for the Residential Schools of Panchgani like St. Peters, etc. for conducting their outdoor sessions. The place was also supposed to be given for the local community functions. 

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