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The  Ro o t s...

Studio Roots and Basics is a Environment Sensitive Practice from Pune. It is the brain-child and initiative of Ar. Rohan Nahar which was establised in May 2013.

Later on after graduation in May 2010, he worked with Ar. Eugene Pandala, Kerala to design and build the first Mud house after graduation. The touch, smell, feel of mud, its properties and behaviour and moulding it into elements that create spaces seemed very exciting and they only went to consolidate his beliefs into a practice that now is referred to as STUDIO ROOTS AND BASICS. 

The intent of the practice is to work with COMMUNITIES to develop Need Based Infrastructure by engaging the local people by making them develop the sense of belonging to their own community.

This can be further strengthened by building with LOCAL MATERIALS & TRADITIONAL WISDOM of the place. 

Ar. Rohan A. Nahar


Ar. Rohan A. Nahar


Our Gurus...

Late Ar. Nimish Patel
(Father of Sustainability)

"Every problem, however difficult has at least ONE SIMPLE SOLUTION"


Professor Yogananda
Father of Mud Construction, India

Our guiding light for Environmental Sustainability, a guru of all mud builders in India

A very Down-to-earth teacher!

Eugene Pandala
Eco-Sensitiv Architect

A Sensitive Architect from Kerala - known for Fearless approach towards Environmental Sustainability.

Give him anything, and he will build with it!

Chandran Chetta
Craftsman with Mud
Chandran Chetta.png

A skilled craftsman, working with whom, as a labourer we learnt how to 'FEEL' & 'MOULD' mud! 

A supreme Creator)

Our Landscape Associates...

Our landscape Associates are - WEAVER DESIGN STUDIO, Pune which is a Landscape firm run by two very talented Landscape architects -

Ar. Neha Gosavi & Gauri Deshmukh.

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.05.54

Neha Gosavi holds Masters in Landscape Architecture from the prestigious School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi. She has not only worked with some of the most accomplished landscape architects such as Mohd. Shaheer, Ravi and Varsha Gavandi, but has also contributed to some of the best works executed under their name.  Understanding the true needs of clients and translating them into a fluid & minimalist landscape designs are her forte.

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.06.03

Gauri Deshmukh completed Masters in landscape architecture from Calpoly Pomona where she has experienced diverse views on landscape and successfully defended her thesis on “Flood analysis and mitigation strategies for Mumbai”.  Working with renowned architects Ravi & Varsha Gavandi further fueled her passion for creating sustainable landscapes. Creating detailed drawings and study of local flora and fauna are her forte.  She enjoys singing and doing crafts with her daughter in free time.

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Our Associate Contractor...

Mr. Rachit Sathe (Partner, Craftdec, Contracts, F.C. Road, Pune) is our master builder who is an expert in Construction Management and he never lets us fail in terms of the quality. He is ever-open to take positive risks and encourages us with his support in all possible ways to convert our drawings to reality. 

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