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2000 sq.ft. | Rs. 20 lakhs | Cob Construction | Ferrocement Roof inspired by a coconut leaf

While working for Design Research Centre, Kerala, an architectural design firm led by Ar. Eugene N. Pandala, - Ar. Rohan Nahar (Founder, Studio Roots and Basics) designed and helped execute this house. He used to work for 5 days in Eugene Sir's office and 2 days on the weekends with the labourers being one of them in order to get a HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE for mud construction. This was one of the first mud houses designed by Rohan. 

Chandran Chettan, the most skilled contractor of Eugene used to teach how to build with mud with his vast experience. The Clients were warm folk who used to office the fish-curry-rice meal and a lot of warmth. 

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