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DEVGIRI, Varasgaon - A brainchild of Capt. Sanat Bhate

2 waterfalls | MUD RESORT | Cob Construction | Restaurant, changing rooms, Cottages, Kissing Cottage (fun briefs)

This was a site located adjoining the backwaters of the Varasgaon Dam near Pune. This project was the brainchild of Capt. Sanat Bhate - the son of world famous Kathak Dances - Guru Rohini Bhate and husband of the internationally renowned Kathak dance Kshama Bhate. 

Capt. Bhate, fondly called a 'Dada' in his old age found his hobby and happiness in developing this site and began developing it way before we started working for him. Ar. Neeraja Pandav, a graduate from BNCA, Pune worked with Rohan on this project and both of them tried to interpret Dada's ideas into reality. 

The site had two waterfalls which were active in the rainy season and the site was to be developed to enjoy this beautiful and unique phenomenon. the site was an Eco-system with around 200 mango trees, and many other flowering plants, fruits frees, land reserved for farming. It house Dada's weekend house which was existing and we planned to add in facilities with a sub-due, down to earth aesthetic. 

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